Grow Your Own Tea: The Complete Guide to Cultivating, Harvesting, and Preparing

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Origin: Timber Press; Illustrated edition (Sept. 1 2020)

Author(s): Christine Parks, Susan Walcott

Paperback: 208 pages

Description: We often get questions about where to buy tea plants, and how to grow tea. Well, make yourself a fresh pot, take a seat and let this delightful book be your guide. Discover the joys and challenges of growing and processing your own tea at home through these colourful pages. The well-established tea farmer Christine Parks and well-travelled tea enthusiast Susan Walcott cover it all in this handbook: from growing tea plants and harvesting leaves, to the distinct processes that create each tea’s signature flavors.

Discover tea’s ancient origins and learn about the single plant that produces so many different styles. Find step-by-step instructions for plucking, withering, and rolling. Discover simple recipes that highlight the flavor of tea and creative uses for around the home. A must read for any tea enthusiast - but especially anyone curious about the growing process. We wish we had found a resource like this when we were first starting out!

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